Get Exact Knowledge about the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)

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At the higher level, you have to understand Capital Structure in details as WACC is related with the capital structure.

What is WACC?

WACC is an exact rate that each firm expects to pay all its security holders. This pay must be average pay. The company’s cost of capital is commonly referred as WACC and prominent matter is the term used mainly by the external market rather than management of the company. WACC signifies return of its minimum value on asset base on an existing report. This is significant to please to its owners, creditors and along with the capital’s providers.

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From where company gets money or what are the sources?

The sources are as follows –

  1. Common Stock
  2. Preferred Stock
  3. Convertible Debt
  4. Warrants
  5. Options
  6. Pension Liabilities
  7. Executive Stock Options
  8. Straight Debt
  9. Exchangeable Debt
  10. Warrants
  11. Governmental Subsidies

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What is the exact formula used in calculating WACC?

The exact formula that is used to calculate WACC is as follow –

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