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What Is the Meaning of ‘The Value of Information’?

The Value of information, also known as VoI or VOI, refers to the amount that a decision maker would want to pay for a piece of information before taking a decision. The concept comes from decision analysis, and it involves how much answering of a question lets a decision-maker enhance his decision. It is easy to define, just like opportunity cost, although often difficult to make subjective.

VOI is actually an extremely tricky concept, given that information itself lacks any universal value. The value of any information is associated with the individual using it, the time of his using the information as well as his purpose to use the same. Naturally, any evaluation of VOI has associated with the worth of the decision-making that the information supports.

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How is it helpful in microeconomics for students?

Value of Information has a specific role in Microeconomics. It is important to understand that gathering proper information is vital to any decision making process. Naturally, it is important to estimate the value of information (VOI) for getting the right sort of information.

The Value of Information helps in saving a lot of time and improving productivity. The information obtained from any experiment can lessen the risks of uncertainty. However, it is not of any value unless it can help change a specific decision.

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