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What is the total alternatives approach?

Looking at a project cost and the revenue is an important way of comparing contribution margin results or net income. The total project approach considers two alternative choices and makes a comparison of the contribution margin or the net income of the two choices.

Consider the example of a company that plans to expand its production and wishes to purchase a new piece of equipment for the purpose. The machine would come at a price of $50,000 and last for 5 years. It is a replacement for another machine having a lifespan of 5 years and a book price of around $12,000. Given that it is a new machine and has greater efficiency, it will lower the operational expenses to $15,000 from $25,000 every year.

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What makes it essential to comprehend?

The Total Alternatives Approach has an important role to play in accounts. For any business to have a successful run and rein in wastage of resources – monetary or otherwise – it is essential to know about the alternative choices. It helps in reducing operational costs every year, and ensuring that there is higher efficiency and productivity of business.

Using the Total Alternatives Approach can help in making adjustments for reflecting changes in the operations and flow of revenues every year. Understanding the differences between projected and actual growth is important for the success of any organization. Investors can avoid many bad investments as well, once they perform a proper analysis of the operating cash flow of a company that they are interested in for the purpose of potential investment.

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