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Economics is a wonderful educational discipline where you learn about a lot of things having practical applicability. There are some really useful topics on this subject, and one such topic is the social costs of monopsony power. But you must know that it can be really tricky to comprehend this topic on your own, and that’s why you will need the social costs of monopsony power homework help from professional experts.

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Monopsony is a type of market structure where there is only one buyer, but there are many sellers. You can say that it is a situation of buyer’s monopoly. There is a single large buyer, or you can say a sole purchaser and thus will have an ultimate power to decide the quantity as well as will have the upper hand in controlling the prices and bringing them down.

As there is a single buyer, then there can be a situation of price war amongst the sellers so that they can supply the goods or services to him. Once you will get the social costs of monopsony power assignment help, then all these things will become easy to comprehend.

A glimpse of the social costs associated with monopsony power

There is certainly a situation of social cost associated with the monopsony power, and it is explained in step by step format listed below-

  • In monopsony market the price will be less because of a large number of sellers and the quantity produced is also less as compared to a competitive market situation.
  • Sellers will be losing a major portion of revenue because the prices are less and the sales are also limited as there is a single buyer.
  • Just a small portion of this lost revenue becomes a benefit for the buyer in the form of consumer surplus, and the remaining is dead weight loss that is actually the net loss that has occurred in total surplus. You can completely trust us for obtaining the social costs of monopsony power homework help.
  • If there is a case where we assume that the consumer surplus is apportioned amongst the sellers then also the dead weight loss will still remain.
  • All this will happen because quantity has dropped to such a level where marginal cost and price will be the same.

Apart from the theory portion, there is a lot of numerical and diagrammatic explanation on this topic. Therefore you should definitely opt for the social costs of monopsony power assignment help.

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