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Know How to Analyze and Rank Projects with Excellent the Profitability Index Homework Help

Profitability index abbreviated as PI is the quotient of payment to venture of a recommended project. This tool has proved to be of great worth for prioritizing or rather ranking of ventures and consignments.  It permits one to put a figure on the quantity of price generated per unit of investment. It is alternatively called profit investment ratio or even value investment ratio.

As per the rules, if the PI of a project is greater than 1, the consignment is accepted, if otherwise, it is rejected. These rules are described vividly in best the profitability index homework help accessible online.

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The mathematical notion

The profitability index rule is a directive for estimating so as to progress with an assignment. By assignment, we intend to mean either a venture or investment. On the contrary, if the profitability ratio or index is lower than a specific value, the optimal sequence of tasks may be undertaken to throw away or totally cancel the consignment.


Profitability Index = (PV of future cash flows) ÷ Initial investment,

PV here stands for the venture’s present value. There are numerous problems based on this formula that students need to solve, that are enumerated in the profitability index homework help from us at

A dive into merits and demerits

For a trader, Possibilities can be suited for an assortment of capitalizing objectives. These goals may include maximizing the profit line or may be to lessen the risk factor. In certain cases, it was observed that few projects provide a high current worth, but they might not be adhered to as they do not project the utmost profitable use of the resources of the company.

This shows that the period for which the project is existent and also the period of profitability are two factors of concern too. Students can come across difficult assignments as a part of their homework, which needs to be solved with help from comprehensive the profitability index homework help obtained over the internet.

PI takes into account the time value of money. It also considers examination of every inflow and out flow of cash for the net life span of the venture. It makes the appropriate decision for situations where we have a bundle of consignments wherein the cash outlay of each assignment is different.

It focuses on the precise value of income from the venture. Although it comes handy for financial analysts, it has flaws as well. It is hard to assimilate than its other counter parts such as discount rate. It is not of much use if we task into account just two projects. This has been lucidly illustrated in the profitability index assignment help from our subject related experts!

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