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There are many reasons for performing external audit, and student needs to know all reasons behind external audit. There is involvement of managers and other stakeholders in external auditing, and there is need to understand a commitment that is required. External auditing is done to understand how company reacts to external factors that affect its growth.

How to perform an external audit?

A company that needs to perform external audit should ensure that they can gather a competitive intelligence company should have information about a trends that are happening in global economic and technological arena.

There are various sources of information like trade journals; magazines and newspapers companies will be ensuring a committee appointment to do an external scanning for external auditing. A process of getting timely information is done when following this method.

An Internet is an excellent source of information provider for external auditing, along with corporate journals and university journals and public library journals are needed to review for information access.

Distributors to the company, the customers to a company, and the suppliers to a company the competitors to a company all have the capability of providing information needed for an external audit.

The information gathered is of no use unless and until it is evaluated and this should be done by managers and other team members, and it will help in revealing the threat and opportunities surrounding the firm.

Use of tools like flip charts and the immediate threat and opportunities should be evaluated. The issue of market share is an important factor in understanding company business, and it will help in improving the steps taken to combat competitor movements.

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