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Macroeconomics is the study of fluctuations and growth and how the policies are related to that. It targets the economy as a whole than individual markets. As the name suggests Macroeconomics is a broad field of study.  If you are a student of microeconomics and in need of The Phillips Curve Assignment Help, we are the pioneer service giver in this area. Our qualified teachers are experts in sharing their knowledge with you and making the complex microeconomics theories simple for you. Your struggle to finish your homework has come to an end now.

What is Phillips Curve?
Phillips curve is developed by British economist A. W. H. Phillips. It represents how the rate of inflation is related to rate of unemployment. He found that if the unemployment is high, wages increased slowly and if the unemployment is low, wages increased rapidly. With time Phillips curve has become an essential tool to analyze economic theories. So basically it says that the change in the level of employment has a direct effect on price inflation. But when government attempted to use it practically to control unemployment and inflation, it fell apart since the rate of unemployment and the rate of inflation both were higher than Phillips curve could predict for years.

Phillips Curve at present times: Phillips curve in its original form is not used in present times as it was found to be using too simplistic. But its modified forms are still in use and considered to be an important and useful approach.We understand your need for The Phillips Curve Homework Help perfectly in a way like no other.

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