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What are gene and genome?

Gene can be best defined as a region of DNA which is constituted of nucleotides. It is also considered as the molecular unit of heredity. It can get mutations (permanent alteration of nucleotide sequence of genome) in its sequence which leads to several variants known as ‘alleles.’

It is also worth mentioning that the concept of gene continues to be advanced as latest phenomena are originating by each passing day.

Genomeis considered as a genetic material which is consists of DNA. It consists of both genes, and they are noncoding DNA and coding regions.

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What is Genomics?

Genomics is referred as the study of genomes in which the learner gets to know about acomplete set of genetic information which is usually found in a specific organism. It is also known as a discipline in genetics which applies DNA sequencing methods, recombinant DNA, structure of genomes, bioinformatics to sequence, etc.

Other relevant topics to be used in Genome and Gene assignment help

There are several other important topics studied under Gene and Genome. They are:

  • Mendel’s law of segregation
  • Basic rules of probability
  • Single gene inheritance
  • Extensions to Mendel’ multifactorial inheritance
  • Mitotic recombination
  • Structure and replication of DNA

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