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Role of Manager

In accounts, the manager plays a significant role which should be appreciated by the learners of the discipline. The role of the manager is divergent and not restricted to one area of accounts. In a business or organization the manager plays the following roles:

  • Takes decisions regarding where investments should be made
  • The final call of stopping investing in an area of finance comes from the manager
  • It is up to this employee to decide the buying, selling, acquiring and giving away of shares and assets.
  • Managers control the staff. If these persons are not equipped to choose dedicated personnel, then quality of work suffers.
  • This position is given to those with experience and those who can survey the market and take the right call when it comes to accounts.
  • Profits and losses are dependent to a great extent on the ability of management of this person.

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Details on Management Accounting

Management accounting is a sub-field of accounts, here the student learns about the tools and information at the disposal of the manager which is used by them in order to make an informed decision. These tools present for the manager to use are essentially accountant measures.

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The functions of management accounting are to ensure that the decisions taken by the manager are in the best interest of the company. Also, the verdicts of this individual should enhance performance assist management to make informed decisions. Cost effective skills of accounting, along with improvement of performance levels and better evaluation of circumstances is a result of this sub-discipline.

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