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Economics is related to marketing and commerce and most importantly finances. Myhomeworkhelp.com understands that. It suggests the right means to tackle and monitor one’s earnings and the wide range of financial transactions taking place on a daily basis in the market. In order to perform such elaborate tasks, economists have taken help of mathematics to simplify the calculations.

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What is a Demand Curve?

Understanding of demand curves requires critical learning of the way an economy function and the factors that influence it. A demand curve tells us how the consumers are possibly going to react to certain products in the upcoming times. Since most curves are nonlinear,the constant analysis of products should be executed. A linear demand curve graphically represents certain market situations theoretically.

The linear demand curve—an example assignment help gives the required measures to examine the possible future issues that the market is likely to face. But we should definitely keep this in mind that mathematical evaluations are always subject to constant change.

What is a linear demand curve?

A linear curve is a graphical depiction of the relation between the consumer demand for a particular product and the change in the price of the same product at a given point of time. The gradient of the straight line or the rate at which the line falls or rises is equal to the difference of the factors mentioned above. The linear demand curve—an example homework help expert aids students in understanding the intricate details of microeconomics.

The two quantities of the product forms the horizontal axis or the x-axis.And this is further separated by the difference in the price of the two respective points on the graph which is plotted in the vertical axis or the y axis.

Features of a linear demand curve

  • Linear demand curves are seldom used in practice. This is because the demand for a product largely depends on the elasticity of demand.
  • Another factor that controls the construction of linear demand curve is the instability of the relationship between the price of a product and the demand for it.

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