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The External assessment is a type of analysis set by a governing body or a group of unbiased people giving points to students who are trying to reach some academic goal.It helps students and teachers to understand their achievements and helps in making plans for future.

The assessors can be policymakers, administrators or even publishers. The assessment is done at a planned along with standard protocols. But they never occur at regular intervals like internal assessments but still are significant predictors of educational goals of students and schools or colleges. But external evaluations are of higher value than internal ones.

The general procedural flow of external assessment:

To successfully understand external assessment these basics steps, need to be known –

  1. The reviewer is selected.
  2. Making and editing of the question papers.
  3. Confidentially printing question papers.
  4. Finding out the examination centers.
  5. Stationery supply to the examination centres.
  6. Distributing the question papers to examinees under supervision.
  7. Conducting the examination
  8. Police person posting.
  9. Preventing unfair means.
  10. Sending answer scripts to the examination board’s office.
  11. Adding roll numbers to the answer copies.
  12. Some on-spot evaluations.

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Why External Assessment is done?

  • The primary goal is to award the students with certificate or degree for which they took the test.
  • The next goal is to keep up with the education standard.
  • Tracking the progress of the educational institutes.
  • Providing employment
  • Finding really good students.
  • Providing an unbiased test method for all students.
  • A way of getting to the next step of education.

But there are some negative points, there as well. For example,first the tests are low in number; no chance of getting to know what went wrong in the test, different assessors might have different expectation that might affect grading; teachers also do not get any chance to know about the issues that students might have faced; no feedback on student’s performance.

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