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Understand the digestive system:

Amongst many systems of body, the digestive system is a crucial one. It is turns food that you have eaten into nutrients. It is necessary for our body as these nutrients help our body

  • To get energy to do work
  • Help in growth
  • Repair damages of cells.

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Anatomy of digestive system:

This entire process of digestion is done in a long process and various body parts are responsible in completing it. These include –

  1. Mouth:

The teeth help the food to be broken down; the tongue helps in sending or pushing the broken food into the food pipe. Along with these, a number of salivary glands help in keeping the moist and lubricated. In fact, saliva also has a few digestive enzymes that start the process of digestion right from the mouth.

  1. Pharynx:

This helps the food to pass down to oesophagus.

  1. Oesophagus:

It is a ring like muscle that sends and traps food into the stomach.

  1. Stomach:

This sac like organ in abdominal cavity, releases a number of enzymes and hydrochloric acid to help the food to digest.

  1. Small intestine:

This is a long coil like organ that helps in the absorption of nutrients. About 90% of nutrients from food are extracted here.

  1. Liver and gall bladder:

Liver produces bile and gall bladder stores bile, so that it can be reused in digestion.

  1. Pancreas:

This organ also secretes enzymes that are released into the small intestine and helps in digestion.

  1. Large intestine:

This is the part, where the digestion process completes. Water is absorbed from the food and a little nutrient extraction is also done. The rest of the food exits from the body as waste, in faecal form.

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Physiology of digestive system:

The Digestive System homework help services that we offer, discusses –

  • Ingestion of food
  • Breaking of food
  • Digestive enzymes and fluid secretion
  • Movement of food
  • Digestion of food into smaller pieces
  • Nutrient Absorption
  • Excretion of faecal wastes

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