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The transmission of chromosomes the way it takes place is accounted in the chromosome theory of inheritance. This particular theory was proposed 1902 – 03 by Walter Sutton an American and by Theodore Boveri a German.

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Want to know the fundamental principles of this theory?

Check out these primary points:

  • The genetic material is found within the chromosomes
  • The chromosomes are passed from the parent cells to their off springs
  • Chromosomes are found in almost all eukaryotic cells and are found in homologous pairs
  • Each homologous cells separate into nuclei of the daughter cell during meiosis
  • While forming the gametes, different kinds of chromosomes get separated from each other
  • One set of chromosomes are contributed by each parent to their offspring
  • All these sets are independent and are able to carry complete genes.

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Learn the relationship between this theory and Mendel’s law:

  • Mendel’s law deals with homologous pairing and also how they are separated. The relationship between chromosome transmission and Mendel’s law can be understood well
  • The law of Mendel’s assortment can be explained very well by observing the relative behavior of different non homologous substances when they are in meiosis.

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Do you know how many chromosomes humans have?

  • Humans have a total of 46 chromosomes. Out of which 44 are autosomes and 2 are sex chromosomes
  • Male members of our family have one X and a Y chromosomes and are termed as heterogametic
  • Females on the other have two X chromosomes and are termed as homogametic.
  • The Y chromosome plays the key role in determining the maleness

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