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What is the chief financial officer and the controller?

The chief financial officer (CFO) has an important role to play in the financial and business operations of any organization. CFOs are mainly responsible for ensuring that the financial records of a service stay in proper order. Companies need vital information to make proper choices in management. There are compliance issues related to each service, and most of these – such as filing taxes and paying them – are managed by CFOs.

The responsibility of a controller is to oversee the job of CFOs and hold them accountable for offering prompt reporting and accurate financial information for all times for the organization that he/she works for.

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CFO and controller are two important forms of financial leadership roles in any business. These are neither similar to each other, nor similar to the role of an accountant. The CFO has to know financial reporting and accounting, as well as understand business operations as well as how the financial system has an internal relation with operations.

Controllers are important for the regulatory and financial compliance of an organization, and can be regarded as its “historians.” They can also undertake additional responsibilities like:

  • Human resources
  • Outside CPA audits
  • Federal income tax reporting
  • Sales tax reporting
  • Insurance
  • IT management

However, the role of CFOs is broader in any organization, and they are responsible for the financial records and evaluation of the business. Hence, in more than a singular situation students have no idea as to how to deal with its complications. A manual is a must need in this regard!

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