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The capital market line: a brief

The capital market line (cml) displays the graphical relationship between the risk determined by standard deviation and the return of portfolios comprising of market portfolio and risk-free asset in every proportion possible. It can be found in the capital asset pricing model, and shows the return rate for efficient portfolios that can be subjected to risk-free return rate and standard deviation risk level for a market portfolio.

The capital market line is shown on a graph in the form of a tangent line from the point of interception on the efficient frontier to that point where the anticipated holding return matches the risk-free return rate.

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What is the need of cml?

The capital market line shows the return on a portfolio for an investor. It assumes that every investor can have his own market portfolio, but does not depict non-efficient portfolios and single assets. Cml is regarded as more effective as compared to the efficient frontier, as it takes into account the introduction an asset free of risks in a market portfolio.

A graph, capital market line (cml) shows the expected return on an investment portfolio and it comprises of all the proportions possible between a risk-free asset and a market portfolio. The market portfolio only has systematic risk, and is fully diversified. The return expected equals the expected return from market as a whole.

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