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The Concept of Behavioral Targeting and the Ethical Controversy Surrounding It

Behavioral targeting is done by companies to understand the trends and thoughts of a consumer regarding a product and to subject them with the right advertisement to induce them to purchase. There are two methods of behavioral targeting namely the opt-in a method in which consumers gives explicit nod to be tracked, and the other method is opt-out which is creating controversy. In this opt-out method, consumers will be tracked till they say to advertisement companies not to track them.

Examples of the Behavioral Targeting

Companies are relying on data management platforms to understand how consumer purchases a product. There are ways to understand how a person visits the website and how much time he spends on a page in a website.

There are methods to understand what all advertisement links he clicks, and there are methods to know the search terms that a person types. This will help the marketing company to understand plans of the consumer and this is known as behavior targeting.

There are advertisement companies that have started selling ad spots that were early not on sale with behavioral targeting. For example, a person looking at stock items on a daily basis is given an advertisement that says about the stock astrology and so on.

The question of ethics in targeting

The ethical issue of behavioral targeting is always under the shade of controversy. Many people have felt that the privacy of the consumers is intruded by marketing companies and they have said that this targeting should be banned. There are many federal agents and others who have stared the demand for banning an intrusion into privacy and there are demands for regulations on social media sites. There are demands on easier privacy policy that a user can understand before thrusting behavioral targeting on consumers.

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Student needs to be expert in understanding various data analytic tools and should have the capability to know various mathematical tools to get the homework done. They should also need to understand the various facets of surveys and focus group study.

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