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Term structure of interest rates:

The term structure is also known as yield curve and plays avital role in an economy. It reflects the expectations of participants in the future market changes of interest rates with the assessment of particular monetary policy conditions.

Yield curve:

The yield curve is lines that are plotted in between maturity on horizontal axis and yield on vertical axis.In this curve; it is shown that bonds have equal credit quality while maturity dates are different for a specificperiod.

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In other words, the yield curve is used as benchmark for debts that are present in the market viz. mortgage rates. This curve also predicts changes in the economic output and growth in bank lending rates.

Rate curve:

To judge the term structure of interest rates, theyield curve is closely checked to get an idea of future interest rate change for the economic activity. In this context, rate curve is divided into:

  • Normal:

In this type of rate curve, longer maturity bonds determine higher yield than that of shorter maturity bond. This is because of risks that are associated with time.

  • Inverted:

In this type of rate curve, it is just opposite to normal yield curve and determines the upcoming recession.

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  • Flat (Humped):

In this type of rate curve, shorter and longer term yield curves are too close to each other. This predicts the economic transition process.

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