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To define, systematic errors mainly occur due to fault in the measuring system and continue to affect the results throughout the process. Wrong way of using the instrument may also cause these errors. It is a type of measurement fault that gives the same incorrect outputrepeatedly.

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Two classifications of errors:

Errors have been classified into –

  • Systematic Errors:

These types of errorsaffect all the elements of the category and its result. The problem is mechanical that lies within the device.

Three subparts of systematic errors are:

  • Personal error

This is a fault on the examiner’s part.

  • Instrumental error

As the name suggests, these errors occur in the measuring device.

  • External error

This type of mistake is caused because of external or environmental factors.

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  • Random Errors:

Random errors occur due to a variety of reasons including environmental issues. All these factors individually add up to cause random errors. Unlike systematic, these errors are unequal and happen by chance.

Systematic errors give inaccurate results which are tough even for the experts to detect. How is one supposed to know if there is aflaw in the thermometer? But once detected, the problems can be corrected easily to generate accurate results.

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Systematic error: some sources:-

  1. Faulty measurement:

Flaw in the device may cause repeated errors.

  1. Loading errors:

Sensors within the systems sometimes divert the calculations giving an error.

  1. Errors due to location:

Measuring from a particular location may cause errors especially if the quantity of the item varies within the same region.

  1. Errors by man:

Biased measurement by man results in systematic errors. The observer has to take care in this case.

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