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Syndicated loan or syndicated loan bank facility is a loan offered by syndicated bank facilities as the lenders. The type of loan is generally given to one borrower.The borrower could be a government, a large corporation. The loan is generally taken for large projects as a credit line, as fixed funds or the combination of the both.

Components of Syndicated loan

Generally, Syndicated loans have an underwriter (lead bank), lead lender or the arranger. This lead bank lends the biggest part or share of the loan. Also, they are responsible for distributing cash flows to the other syndicate members and all other administration works. Although, there are various tiers of people work in between to make the process easy. For example, in the first tier there are documentation agents, syndication agent. In the second tier, there are co-managers. In third tier, other retail parties are involved. All these layers together make a Syndicated loan work properly. In this way, the risk of the investment is shared by all the institutions involved.

Main features of Syndicated loan

These basic features of Syndicated loan will help you understand the nature of it, hence should be a syndicated loan assignment help.

  • These types of loans are for large enterprises, for long duration projects and come into huge amount. Governments also obtain syndicated loans to do developmental projects across a very long time.
  • The arranger of the loan usually does the paperwork of all loan terms and conditions. The repayment of the money and the terms and condition for it is determined by the agency bank. Hence, the borrower needs to put the least amount of effort into these things after they agree to all terms and conditions.
  • Syndicated loan can be of various types like: revolving, fixed terms or standby.


Now, let’s discuss an example of a syndicated loan of big corporation, which also will help you to clear your concepts.

Recently a famous internet company in Asia took a syndicated loan of about $4.5 billion for doing more company acquisitions and business expansion. This loan was arranged by five famous banks across the globe, including international banks from Australia, New Zealand and China.

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