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The technique used by surveyors or licensed practitioners to measure the angles and the optimum location of the points of construction is known as surveying. This method is a mix of science and technology and is essential to carry out a well-organized construction project.

Surveying is a process which is concerned with calculating the dimensions of certain objects on the face of the earth to obtain a clearer picture about its location and to predict whether the growth of a construction around it is ultimately safe. Surveying frequently employed by surveyors to evaluate spatial locations of a certain point.

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The primary objectives of “Surveying” in short

In order to present a thorough explanation of what surveying truly is one has to take help of certain other parameters. The major objectives of surveying and the factors involves are categorized as follows-

  1. Horizontal distance

Surveying plays an eminent role in evaluating the horizontal distance which separates two geographic points. These points might be located at different elevations.

  1. Vertical elevation

Calculating the difference in the vertical elevation of points has importance in the survey of the points or to study their geographic location.

  1. Relative direction

Surveying is actively used to find the relative direction of the contour of a particular terrain. This is done by measuring the horizontal angles between the lines in accordance with a random direction.

  1. Absolute direction

Unlike the relative direction, the absolute direction, as the name suggests, is measured with respect to a distinct direction.

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