Style, Fashion, and Fad Life Cycles Homework Help

Style, Fashion, and Fad Life Cycles Homework Help for Support in Assignments

Fashion and fad are a part of everyday life. Though both of these sound similar, they are different from each other. It is essential to know the difference between them, and this is what discussed here. To go through this topic in detail, a student can order our Style, Fashion, and Fad Life Cycles homework help. We discuss the life cycles and differences.

Meaning of Fashion

Fashion is referred to a favorite’s style or current trend in any particular field. Fashion’s life cycle can be short or long. Certain fashions in the area of clothing last for a very long time or a short time. Short period means it will decline quickly while other trends will decrease at a much slower rate.

What is Fad?

The fad is a commodity which stays for a short period and hype is the reason for its generation. In fad, a product will reach its peak sale rapidly and thus will also fall within a short time.

What is Style?

Style is a manner where a product is shown, and some styles go and come. For example, the current style for phones around the world is a touch screen phone. This will stay until some new technology pops up into the market. So it can be concluded that a style life cycle’s shape is a type of a wave when one style will fade another will appear in its place. To know more about this get our Style, Fashion, and Fad Life Cycles assignment help.

Difference between a Fashion and a Fad

The are many differences, but here just four are discussed below:

  1. Fashion is always present; it adapts or evolves but is always around. But a fad quickly fades away.
  2. Fashion is something which is followed in society by many people. Fashion can be influenced by people in movies or fashion industry, etc. But fad is something which is a large section of the society follows. Everyone follows a fad no matter who they are.
  3. Fashion is related with footwear, clothes, accessories, hairstyles and makeup. On the other hand, a fad can comprise of anything. It can be anything music, clothes, food, behaviour and dance movements.
  4. On society fashion depends. Like how much a society evolved, in past years which industries increased, people’s changing lifestyle demand, weather and comfort whereas a fad is a kind of fashion which exists for a short time.

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