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What are the components of DNA?

  • DNA components are basically a polymer
  • Nucleotides are the monomer units of DNA
  • Polymer is also known as polynucleotide
  • 5 carbon sugar, a phosphate group and a nitrogen base makes up each nucleotide
  • Four different kinds of nucleotides are found in DNA with different nitrogenous base
  • Adenine and guanine makes up the two types of purine bases
  • 5 carbons and 3 oxygens make up the backbone of DNA

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What is DNA Replication fork?

  • Many different kinds of enzymes are available in DNA fork
  • It is a structure that forms during DNA replication within the nucleus
  • When the hydrogen bonds holding the DNA strands are broken then it gets created by helicases
  • In the DNA double helix structure, the leading strand is the lagging strand template
  • It helps the replication fork to move in 3- 5 directions

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What is genetic manipulation?

  • Modern scientific techniques are used genetic manipulation
  • In order to change the genome of an organism especially for a human is a very debatable topic

More on genetic manipulation:

  • In order to produce the desired trait in a human the genome of an organism is manipulated
  • In this way selective breeding came into being. With this, you can get a huge variety of same breed. For instance: farmer breeds some desired traits of producing more milk on animal and in plant to produce more crops
  • The result of selective breeding is cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and kale

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