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The most intriguing subject matter is DNA. We can learn about DNA in various simple ways:

  • This DNA has sugar as deoxyribose.
  • It contains a phosphate group, that including a nitrogenous base and a sugar.
  • Structurally DNA is a double stranded macromolecule, helical with the base projecting towards the interior structure of the molecule
  • Both of these strands are complimentary to each other in sequence

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What is DNA?

  • DNA and RNA are the main information storage molecules
  • For constructing proteins they play a key role
  • All viruses and living cells can encode genetic information by using either RNA or DNA
  • It is a real miracle of evolution that all the information required to produce a human can marvelously fit inside a cell

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Want to know about the evolution of DNA?

  • In 1869, by using surgical bandages Friedrich Miescher was the first to separate DNA and RNA.
  • DNA was further defined as genetic information in 1944 by Oswald Avery, Maclyn McCarty and Colin MacLeod.
  • Then the virulent bacteria was injected on a mouse but it died whereas the non virulent bacteria didn’t hamper the mouse.
  • Avery’s group tried to find out various driving factors responsible for killing the mouse until he found that DNA was responsible.
  • In 1952 Martha Chase and A.D.Harshey confirmed again that DNA is solely responsible for carrying genetic information.
  • It was found that DNA alone was enough to procure new viruses and thus it was denoted as the genetic information.
  • Many other chemists and Rosalind Franklin Chargaff provided various information that also helped in the discovery of DNA.
  • In 1953 Watson and Francis Crick uncovered the biochemistry and structure of DNA.

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