How to Create a Scoring Assignment on Strategic Concepts?

Companies use a planned management technique which helps them to reach the goals and objectives of the company and such planned management is known as strategic management. The strategies keep changing and evolving to aid the changing goals the company. Strategic management is implemented by both big and small industries. While the huge industries aim towards profit maximization, the small businesses adopt strategic management for adapting to global trends.

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Strategy formation:

Formation of strategy involves planning or developing a course of action that would be best suited to meet the company’s desired goals. Because the formation of strategy, an analysis is carried and the information thus gather is used in the development of the strategy. This is also in regard of prioritizing and making the right move with respect to the key decisions or the primal issues of the company. The end goal in most cases is to maintain a strategic advantage over other companies and to increase the profit earning.

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Implementation and monitoring of the strategy:

Post the strategy formation comes the part where it is to be implemented. This would require the team working on the strategy to accumulate all the resources which are essential for turning the plan into a reality. Budgets are to be set and policies and programmes are to be brought into action. This requires absolute cooperation and coordination between the employees and the management.

Monitoring the strategy is the next stage when the performance of the strategy is to be evaluated and it’s the time when companies judge whether their strategy has been successful in yielding desired outcomes or whether it needs to be altered and modified.

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