How to Work on a Store of Value Assignment: Homework Help for Students

What is store of value?

An asset functions is many ways, one of them being as a store of value, which means, value can be saved or retrieved or passed on in form of an asset or it can be simply stored for future use. For every economy, a store of value is crucial for all the trading systems to work properly. Homework on store of value is common and students can nail those homeworks with professional store of value homework help from

Origin of the concept:

In the earlier times, in the days when barter system was still in use, food grains, animals and any commodity worked as a store of value. However, people realized that such store of value was not economic because:

  • Consumables could decay
  • Animals could die
  • It was difficult to judge the value of one thing in terms of another, for instance, when trading wheat for goats.

Thereafter, currency was introduced, first in form of gold and silver coins, which were exceptionally expensive. The currencies slowly mellowed down to metal coins and paper notes, which are still in use.

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Money as a store of value:

In modern times, money or currency serves as the store of value. People store their possessions in monetary terms, which can be used whenever they require or wish. Different nations have different currencies but money is the major form for storing value and the currencies are in tandem with one another. In fact, money not only acts as a store of value but it also serves as a transfer for value across the globe. Two individuals or organizations from any part of the world can exchange currency notes and coins, and the value is transferred from one person to another.

Apart from money, people also tend to store money in the form of financial capital or non degradable commodity like gold.

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