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There are a number of instances when the company provides a number of stocks to their employees and provides them certain stocks at a discounted price. This is normally taken as a part of the compensation package of employees. With the help of these stocks,employees are able to be part owners of the company.

If an employee becomes stakeholder of the company, then the performance of a particular company is often enhanced which further helps in increasing profitability of the company. These types of stock options have proper earning potential, built in discount and also other tax advantages.

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Types of stock options

  • Incentive stock options

Investment stock option has a number of benefits which makes it extremely attractive to employees. The biggest advantage is that he or she does not have to pay any taxes at the time of exercising this incentive stock option.

However, in case he or she is interested in sell shares then he or she has to pay taxes. After consummation of sale,capital gain tax have to be paid to IRS. But all employees are not eligible to get this type of stock. You need to fulfill certain criterion in order to be eligible for the incentive stock options.

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In order to get this type of stock, it is important to get it approved by Board of Directors. It is these boards of directors who will let you know as to the number of shares a particular employee can own and type of employees who are eligible to own the shares.

  • Non-qualified or non-statutory stock options

Non-statutory stock options are normally offered to employees of the company who are interested in buying company stocks. These stocks are provided to employees at a discounted price. Now it depends on employees as to whether they want to take it or they do not want to take it.

Both these type of shares allows the employees of the company to buy a certain number of shares within the offering period. If share prices remain same during the offer period, then an employee can do whatever he or she wants. But in case prices of shares fall then employees need to wait till it expires.

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