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What is Stock Dividend and Stock Splits?
Bonus Shares actually refer to the shares that are issued to stockholders by a profitable business at no cost. The shares are issued in a proportionate way, according to the existing shares of a stockholder due to capitalization of reserves. A company that has its stocks doing well may opt to split the shares and distribute the extra amount of shares to its present shareholders. The par value per share is lowered in a stock split and the amount of shares rise in a proportionate manner.

When bonus shares are issued, the proportional ownership of stockholders tends to stay unaltered. The market price for each share, the earnings for each share and also the book value per share take a slump although the numbers of shares rise. At, we are able to clear all your confusions about your project with our Stock Dividend and Stock Splits Assignment Help services which are opted for by students from all over the globe.

What is the need?
When bonus shares are issues, the market responds in a positive manner. This is due to the fact that issuing these shares of the company shows that it is anticipated to raise its profitability so that it can gain back the market value of the stocks that it has. However, the market would respond in a similarly positive fashion during a stock split if it occurs due to a high price of the stock. This can show that the share is a good one. Naturally, the market notes this and responds in a positive manner.

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