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Let us take a look at what a Step-Down Method is.

Step- Down Method and the services:

The industries are growing huge, and to manage such huge companies we require various departments. Every department, for its functioning, is allocated a certain amount of money. But every department is dependent on each other and supports each other in monetary terms.

Hence, when a department is allocated a specific amount, it provides a certain portion of its allocation amount to the supporting department. This approach is known as a step-down method and is used for cost allocation. You can get a detailed idea with our step down method homework help manuals!

To state it in simple words, the step-down method allows one service department to allocate costs to another service department.

The question may arise, “How are the costs to these departments allocated?” The costs are allocated based on the highest percentage. So if accounting department has the highest percentage and then the support HR department, then the costs will be allocated to accounting department first and then HR.

The concept stated above sounds easy, but a lot goes on in the background which alters the complexity of it. This is the reason you need step-down method assignment help.

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Step-Down Method homework help:

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