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Standardization Assignment Answers

Standardization vs. Adaption Dilemma Will Happen to International Multinational CompaniesΒ 

Standardization is done by international companies to ensure that a product will have the same color and logo and same marketing throughout the world. The era of globalization has ensured that companies are fighting hard to penetrate more markets. Standardization homework answers is an important part of student career, and one should strive to score high grades

Standardization vs. adaption

Companies may not be able to make a common advertisement that sells throughout the world. The reason is that various emotions come into place in different areas. For example, a car may be a left-hand drive in some countries and will be a right-hand drive in some other countries.

When making an advertisement, some countries give value to car safety features while some countries will give more importance to mileage. The advertisement will have to give importance to that factor.

This is regard to the Standardization in an advertisement. Car companies will ensure that quality of the car is same throughout globally. Nut and bolts used in cars will have the same size, and same quality will be maintained.

The debate rages between adaption and Standardization for a long time. In some cases, it is better to have Standardization. For example, the way in which consumer grievances are addressed can be standardized but adopted more to suit local needs.

One should understand the various cultures also

Time has to be considered when doing business with America. Americans are very strict about keeping time in the project, and that has to be considered when doing business with them. Demonstration of trust is given by performance that has to be delivered on time.

The American has important for individual values when considered with group values. The American culture has very importance on rewarding the individuals and recognizing the individuals based on the personal achievement.

The rest of the society has been found to be giving importance to groups like the clan or family background. This has been the reason why Americans give more importance to the job resume while choosing a person. Standardization homework answers will cover more examples like this.

There is nothing wrong in Arab culture to choose a relative over a stranger while in American culture it is wrong.

How completes Standardization assignment answers

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Real life business examples will have a clear policy of getting good marks, and that will ensure that career is safe. There will be drawings that will be done, and there will be brand standardization studies that will be done. There are cases in which a company has been forced to change brand name because that meant a bad thing in a language of a country.

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