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Importance of standard of deferred payment in finance

Before we start up with the importance of standard of deferred payment, it is important to mention that in finance the role the money is highly crucial. It is also worth mentioning that entire finance or financial sector is based on money and its proper regulations.

Standard of deferred payment is actually is an accepted way in any given market, and it is the most vital functions of money. It is also used to settle debts.

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It can be more defined as-

Standard of deferred payment can also be defined as an arrangement of loan in which the borrower is permitted to initiate payments at some specified time in the near future.

Arrangements of deferred payment are also used in retail settings but very often where an individual buys and receives items with an obligation to start making payments at future dates.

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What are the different functions of money?

Standard of deferred payment is one of the most vital functions of money but apart from that there are some other functions of money, and they are mentioned below.

  • It plays a function for store of value which is related to the storing, saving and retrieval of value.
  • It is also used as a medium of exchange, and it is used for immediate payments.
  • Another important function of money is unit of account in which it requires fungibility in order to settle any given amount.

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