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Stand- Alone cost allocation is of the primary methods of cost allocation mechanism.  It is this process which distributes the group costs to users as it would have behaved as incurred costs.This may sound very simple, but when it comes to home assignments, students look for stand-alone cost-allocation method homework help for sure. There are a few parameters which every student should keep it in mind.

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What is stand-alone cost-allocation?

  • The method insists that the allocation of the common costs be on the same percentage as it would have incurred solely by an entity.
  • This method helps the business know the measurement of how much costs have been incurred in the production process. It gives a relationship of the costs and the units produced.
  • Students often find it tough to cope up with the problems related to the stand-alone cost-allocation method as you got to assess how much the total common costs exist. Then find out how much of the common cost is used by each entity. And thereafter calculate how cost allocation on the basis of the usage of the costs by each entity. The process is tiring and needs precision to do.  As mentioned, the need for stand-alone cost-allocation method assignment help arrives,

Advantages of using stand-alone cost-allocation

  • Adaptability

The business enterprises prefer Stand-alone- cost allocation method over others is due to the adaptation nature of the method. It can be implemented very well as per the changing needs of the business.

  • Monitoring-

It becomes easy to monitor labor charges, wage expenses, etc.

  • Maximize profits

Through this method; the accuracy is received of the material costing. This helps in maximizing the profits.

  • Controls resources

Through the statistical data, the businesses are in a position to know if a certain asset is being overused or underused. The demand and supply are then met with.

Suppose you have a leather industry comprising of retail market and wholesale market. Both incur freight charges to bring the goods to the customers. Now for retail market, $ 380 was quoted for 200 pounds and wholesale $600 for 400 pounds. Here the student has to calculate as per the stand-alone cost allocation method.

The student is expected to allocate the common costs as per each market.So which means ($380÷ ($600 X 1/ 380) for retail markets and similarly for wholesale market has to be calculated. After getting the percentages, then allocate the prices. This definitely calls for stand-alone cost-allocation method homework help, as one answer gone wrong, the entire assignment is taken wrong.

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