Stakeholder Management: Identifying Key Stakeholders and Ways to Engage Them

Stakeholder Management:

Stakeholder management is a significant component in successfully executing a given program or project. A stakeholder can be any person, group of people or an organization which can either affect or be affected by a particular project. Infact, even if they consider that they can affected, they are stakeholders. So stakeholder management involves the establishment of a healthy and cooperative relationship with the stakeholders, keeping in mind their expectations as well as the objective of the program. Stakeholder management is a strategy which must be well planned by an organization so as to execute their project without any hindrance.

Stakeholder management assignment:

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Procedure for identifying stakeholders:

If you are to look after the grievances or say, demands of the stakeholders, first you have to identify them. Let’s show you the way with our Stakeholder Management homework help. Anyone who is affected by the activities of your project or ones who have the ability or power to influence the project or takes a direct interest in its success and failure are the stakeholders and as a part of stakeholder management, one must:

  • First identify and acknowledge the individual stakeholders (even within an organization)
  • Figure out the magnitude of power they can influence over the project and also figure out what their interests are
  • Establish efficient communication with the stakeholders since that will be the only way to bridge the gap
  • Bring the stakeholders under your influence by captivating their interests.

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