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In economics, game theory is instrumental in forming the base of many a well-known formulation. Between intelligent and practical decision makers game theory is a concept that deals with the study of mathematical models which helps in conflict and cooperation.

Stag hunt is a subset of the same that defines a contradiction between two aspects one of it is safety while the other is social cooperation. It is also popularly known as assurance game, or it is also known by the term coordination game. It is described using a situation where two persons set out for a hunt. Each of them is given a choice to make between a stag and a hare. Each of them can settle for a decision or task staying in the boundary that they are not aware of the choice of the other one. Students receive assignments regarding this topic, for which they must opt for the Stag Hunt homework Help.

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As per the view of few authors, the prisoner’s dilemma is a game best represents aptly the issues of social cooperation. On the other hand, some experts believe that the stag hunt presents a more flexible and broad framework to study cooperation and associated problems. But upon further study it was discovered that prisoner’s dilemma and stag hunt are closely associated.

The same can verified with few examples from the field of biology. But for a better understanding so as to reach to a position to solve even the harder assignments of economics, students must refer to the Stag Hunt assignment Help of

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The stag hunt and pure strategy Nash equilibrium is a section that needs a careful analysis. Nash equilibrium is a collection of strategic agendas that are decided upon by two players. A decision is to be meant for a player and they are bounded by the constraint that they are not supposed to change their decision. So, here the main concern is the individual’s deviation, but not the group deviation. Nash equilibrium is inherently stable in nature.  For more precise explanation one must refer to the Stag Hunt homework Help.

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To understand the case better, let’s take up an example. Imagine about a country where we have a dictorship and lot of dissatisfied citizens.

There may be two situations regarding the same, either all the citizens can revolt together or it may so happen that citizens form small groups and proceed with revolt. Also there might be a case of not revolting. Now, in this case not revolting is the hunt of hare while revolting is the hunt of stag. In the model of this simple case, we get to know how the parameters like coordination are vital in such scenarios. does the following for sake of students:

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