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Spectral risk measure:

A spectral risk measure is the measurement of weighted average of outcomes. In this procedure, adverseoutcomes are included with the larger weights. It is a function which tends to portfolio returns and outputs that measure the amount of numeraire.

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This is typically a currency which acts as tradable economic entity. The relative prices of other tradable are expressedin terms of numeraire. Numeraire also serves as a unit of account.

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Inspectral risk measure, if economic analysis refers to particular goods, then it is termed as then umeraire. This tends to be said normalized by the price of these goods.

Properties of spectral risk measure:

It is stated that spectral risk measure is always coherent risk measure and shows the property like:

  • Positive Homogeneity
  • Monotonicity
  • Translation-Invariance
  • Sub-additivity
  • Comonotonic Additivity
  • Law-Invariance

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