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Biology is a science of living beings which is divided into specified fields such as Botany and Zoology. The topic, species interactions is an interesting sub-topic of Biology, which deals with the effects of the organism on one another in the community. In simple words, in a community, the living beings interact with the other creatures and environment for their survival. It is called species interaction. No organism can live alone in the natural world, so they need to communicate with each other.

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The topic of species interaction is divided into 5 types which include predation, mutualism, commensalism, competition, and parasitism. Let’s take a look at the sub-topic, mutualism written below. To know about the other types of species interactions, purchase our species interactions II assignment help service.


When an organism feeds on another living being, that organism is called apredator. The other organism which is fed upon is called prey. Generally a predator is larger is size than the prey. For instance, snakes eatmice, tigers eat deer, birds eat insects, etc. But a predator can become a prey in a complex system of food chains.

Why is Species Interactions important to Study?

  • It helps us understand the importance of ecosystem in our lives.
  • It provides us ideas about different types of relationships among species and the interaction with the environment.

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