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Do you know about species reactions? It is the reactions of the living beings with one another and with the environment in a community. In this world, no living being can live in complete isolation, so the creatures interact with each other. Their interactions are elemental to their existence; ecosystems also function well because of it. Students can get more idea about this from species interactions I homework help.

Species reaction is divided into 5 types; they are competition, predation, mutualism, parasitism and commensalism. Let’s get an idea how competition works among the creatures. To know about the other types of species reactions, purchase our species interactions I assignment help service.


Competition means interaction among the living beings or organisms when all of them attempt to use the same limited resources available. There are many resources including food, water, light, etc. which are essential for the survival and development of the creatures. This process is an integral part of our daily lives. There are 3 major types of competition- interference competition, exploitation competition and apparent competition.

  1. Interference Competition:

When any living being interferes or prevents the survival or the reproduction of any other organism, it is called interference competition.

  1. Exploitation Competition:

When an organism captures the resources quicker than the other organisms, it is called exploitation competition.

  1. Apparent Competition:

This type of competition occurs when 2 different species are preyed upon by the same predator.

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