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Check out How Spain Assignment Help Can Make Education Simpler for Students

Over the years, the education system has gone through a lot of change. Today, students cannot simply depend on the text books provided from schools. Education has become vast which demands detailed knowledge. This has resulted in teachers giving more assignments to their students because projects are the best possible way that makes students go through a thorough research on the given topics. Most of the time students decide taking guidance from portals like Spain assignment help to make a proper research.

Though this system has many positive aspects yet it puts a lot of pressure on students of Open University of Catalonia, Complutense University of Madrid and several other different colleges. Students’ lives today are already filled with challenges in the form of pressure from schools, colleges, tuitions, homework etc. They hardly get any time to relax. At such point, completing assignments within stipulated deadlines can be cumbersome. Thus students often rely on services like assignment help Spain for guidance on these projects.

The format of education system in Spain

There is a basic structure that the education system in Spain has which is mainly split into four parts. Out of the four parts, two are mandatory which have to be attended and the remaining two are optional parts. More details can be easily obtained by visiting portals like Spain homework help services.

Nursery or pre-school education in Spain

The first six years of education in Spain is known as educacióninfantil or infant education. It is divided into two stages.

The first stage is nursery school (guarderia), which takes children from around three months up to three years old, but it is not covered by the state. Guardería may be private or state-run but both charge fees (if you’re a working mother you may be eligible for help with these).

The second stage is preschool (escuelainfantil) which take children from three to six years old. Preschools are often attached to state primary schools and are free. Most children attend the three years of preschool education and develop their physical and mental skills. From the age of four they learn to read and write and by the time they complete their EducaciónInfantil they will know the alphabet. Emphasis is placed on learning about various aspects of different cultures, the environment and road awareness skills

The initial six years in the Spanish education system is termed as the infant education. There are mainly two parts to this phase.

The first part –

  • This is the nursery school.
  • Children between the age of three months to their third year attend this stage.
  • This stage of education can be either run by the state or under private enterprises but in both cases the education is chargeable.


The second part –

  • This is also termed as pre-school.
  • The age group of children attending this phase of education is between three years of age to six years.
  • These schools generally offer free of cost education due to the fact that they are attached to the primary schools of state level.
  • Both mental and physical skills are developed and improved in this stage.
  • Reading and writing are taught from the age of four and before completion o the pre-school, a child recognizes alphabets.
  • Other skills like awareness about the road and the environment are also taught in this stage.

Parents wanting to get more knowledge about pre-schools in Spain for their children can check out online portals like homework help Spain.

Primary school education in Spain

Primary schools are known as escuelas or colegios (although the latter term is sometimes used to refer to semi-private and private schools). It is compulsory for children to attend primary school in the calendar year in which they turn six, and usually lasts until age 12.

The other names of primary schools are private or semi-private schools. This stage of a child’s education is generally imparted between the age of six years to that of twelve years and is a mandatory part of the education that a child has to go through. Portals like homework help Spain are always present to guide students at this stage of their education process as well.

The six years of primary schooling is basically divided into three separate stages –

  • Primary stage – ranging between six to eight years of age.
  • Secondary stage – ranging between eight to ten years of age.
  • Tertiary stage – ranging between ten to twelve years of age.

Details about these three stages can be learnt by clicking on online portals like assignment help Spain.

Secondary education system in Spain

After primary, students go onto compulsory secondary education or EducaciónSecundariaObligatoria (ESO) between the ages of 12 and 16 years old, at an Instituto de EducaciónSecundaria, ColegioPrivado or ColegioConcertado.

The primary education in Spain is followed by the secondary education which is another compulsory phase and is given to students of ages twelve to sixteen years. For getting detailed knowledge about this phase, one can check out online links like Spain homework help.

The upper or higher secondary education in Spain

After attaining the age of sixteen, in case a student feels like continuing his studies then he can do so by studying for two more years to get the higher secondary certificate. Students wanting to get more details for applying for this certificate education can get the details by checking several online portals like Spain homework help services.

Issues faced by students in Spain

  • Financial problems

Nearly three million children in Spain fall under the poverty line. This financial level of people makes them look for food and shelter first leaving education as a secondary factor. There are many online portals like Spain assignment help, who try to make education available to all students regardless of their financial condition by keeping their fee nominal.

  • Requirement to support families

Most students reach out for jobs after completion of their secondary education because they are under the pressure of supporting their families. This stops them from attaining the higher secondary education. Today students rely on portals like homework help Spain to complete their higher education while doing jobs.

  • Lack of experienced tutors and study material

Either students fail to get access to experienced faculties who can guide in pursuing higher education or the low financial condition prevent students from getting the proper study materials that affects their education. Online portals like Spain assignment help are available today that provide all the study materials needed in the form of text books and they have the best faculties to guide their students.

  • Increment in tution fees

Over the years, there has been an increase in the amount of tution fees for higher education which at times acts as an obstacle for students wanting to pursue their education after primary. Students today are thus relying on online portals like assignment help Spain for getting the required assistance.

How can assignment help services prove to be useful for students?

Although online tutoring has been around for a while, many students (and their parents) haven’t yet caught on to the possibility of meeting with a tutor virtually, let alone come to recognize its benefits.

It has been years that online homework help services have been into existence but very less people know about the several positive points that services like homework help Spain have –

  • When students start learning from online portals like Spain homework help, along with studying, they get familiar with technology because the minimum requirement for accessing these portals is to have a clear knowledge of working with computers.
  • There are times when students change their field of study because they do not have experienced tutors for that subject in their locality, but when taking guidance from portals like assignment help Spain, you get tutors from all over the world who specialize in any required subject.
  • Online homework help portals are available at the convenience of the student’s home. They do not have to go through the hassles of traffic or bad weather. The best faculties of the world are available to guide the student at the comfort of the student’s home.
  • Students taking guidance from portals like Spain assignment help get a selection of faculties to choose from. The tutor with whom a student relates to the most can be chosen by him for assistance.
  • The biggest advantage of online help portals is that they provide assistance twenty-four-seven which prevent students from waiting for the stipulated tuition timing to get their queries resolved when studying under Europaeum, Compostela Group of Universities, UNICA, IUA or a different affiliation.
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