Sources of Conflict in the Collective Employment Relationship

Collective Employment Relationship 

Most of the management related texts when studied; it can be found that it has specific segments associated with reduction of conflict between various levels of management, corporate culture, and collaboration between various areas of work.

It is a point to note that in human nature, in spite of all the behavioral norms that we have been taught, there remains a strain of aggressiveness in humans. When a particular situation of conflict arises in any organization, it happens that this concept of aggressiveness is taken to another level. However, there is surely no physical risks involved in this process. According to Dr. Johnson, it is in these conflicts that he finds delight.

The primary reasons for difference of interests in an industrial domain are presence of two classes of people: the managerial group and non-managerial group.

The managerial group is more concerned with productivity of the organization, efficiency of workers and how the subordinates respond to seniors. On the contrary, the other group is interested in payment, independence in terms of working process, individual leisure, and proper sequence of working.

Thus, this is the primary area where such invariable conflicts occur in an organization.

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