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Solvency can be described as the weapon of a company to fight its previous and present financial obligations. It is a very important ability which ensures that a company is viable enough to carry out its further businesses and ongoing operations without having to tank them. Solvency is one of the chief aspects of upholding an organization, and its knowledge is important for every employee working in that company.

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What is liquidity?

Another term that one has to be familiar with in order to understand solvency in the truest sense of the term is liquidity. There are several instances where people tend to confuse liquidity with solvency which must be taken care of. Liquidity can be defined as a company’s ability to sell or buy its assets without the cost of the assets being significantly affected.

Market liquidity is known to allow any company to sell or buy its assets at stable and fixed rates. Although for an enterprise to be able to sustain a functional condition, liquidity is necessary. But if it is seen that a particular company is reaching insolvency then entering bankruptcy is just a matter of time.

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How is liquidity different from solvency?

Solvency, as we know, is a company’s capability to meet its previous financial or monetary commitments. Whereas, liquidity means the ability of an organization to sell its assets in order to pay back it’s short-term, pending financial obligations. It must be noted that liquidity is generally employed to acquire a greater amount of cash within a brief period of time and is equally significant for a company to survive.

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