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Explain the term Social marketing

Social marketing means an exact approach through which the people’s behavior gets changed when the suitable activities are applied. These are completely beneficial to each individual and thus the whole society. In the same way the theory of social marketing is also completely perfect because, it integrates all ideas of marketing along with tools, techniques, principles and makes social marketing beneficial and also enhances the communication.

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What are the 4 Ps of social marketing?

The 4 Ps of social marketing are –

  • Product –

Marketing depends on what type of product you supply to the customers. Sometimes changes in style and design make a product attractive. Different examples are any test kits in its improved way, blood pressure kit to check at home etc.

  • Price –

Decreased cost is another important point for social marketing.

  • Place –

It is important to know that where will audience access new service or product.

  • Promotion –

This is the forth P and the perfect one as when there is an excellent product and service for people and society, then you must understand that communication is very important in all possible ways.

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