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What is smart grid?

This is an electrical grid that has energy measures and several operational that include smart appliances, energy efficiency resources, smart meters and renewable energy resources. The aspects of smart grid are distribution of electricity and electric power control. These aspects are difficult understand. Sometimes do not get a clear idea of this smart grid. At that time, they can take the advantage of Smart Grid Homework Help guidance.

Features of smart grid:

  • Reliability
  • Market-enabling
  • Load adjustment
  • Platform for advanced services
  • levelling and time of use pricing
  • Sustainability
  • Efficiency
  • Demand response support
  • Flexibility in network topology

These are the features of smart grid. You can learn all these features in detail if you take Smart Grid Assignment Help guideline.

Use of smart grid technology:

There are five areas where smart grid technology can be applied.

These are:

  • Integrated communications
  • Sensing and measurement
  • Smart meters
  • Phasor measurement units
  • Other Advanced components

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