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Situation Analysis directly means analysis of a situation that engulfs an organization, which is present internally as well as externally impacting an organization directly. Situation Analysis is, in a nutshell, all about things that can directly impact the future of an organization.

Situation Analysis to Begin With

Students often wonder about handling Situation Analysis assignment answers as Strategy planning is extremely crucial to start any marketing campaign.  The subject needs a lot of analysis.

  • Situation analysis begins with a comprehensive analysis of the current situations prevalent in an organization.
  • It includes detailing and listing all the functionalities related to Operations.
  • Situational analysis also brings to table the all the internal processes that occur inside the company as well, like Finance, Human Resources, Training and Software Information Technology.
  • It is required to analyze whether mere monitoring is fine or few steps need to be taken to change or modify the existing circumstances.

Situation Analysis assignment answers also help us in finding solutions related to specific situations, such as whether it is beneficial to offer services online, or whether the company should offer regular services in case of an economic slowdown, whether it is better to work from home or ask the Employees to be a part of the regular workforce.

How & What

Situation analysis helps all the key stakeholders in listing down the key challenges before any organization.

This process also creates awareness about potential threats and future economical conditions.

It also helps in developing well-outlined goals, mission, vision and objectives.

Situation analysis will also give a company a clear picture of the products it needs to develop, the products it needs to launch and the improvements it needs to sustain the market competition.

Situation Analysis homework answers can be handled effectively if you are well versed with terms like Stakeholder analysis, PEST, and SWOT.

SWOT is considered to be extremely effective in handling Situation Analysis. S for Strength, W for Weakness, O for Opportunities and T for Threats help in delving deeper and figuring out the discrepancies.

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