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What is Short-term (Operating) Financial Plan?
A short-term or operating financial plan is the plan which helps the company to meet its financial goals and objectives within one fiscal year. An operating financial plan is equally essential for a small industries as well as large businesses. Any company can go bankrupt if they fail to meet their current financial obligations.

Elements of Working Capital, namely, stock, cash, debtors and creditors have a large influence on short-term cash flows. A disruption is the smooth movement of working capital creates a deficit of cash which is a threat to the business. This happens due to a difference between the accounts payable cycle (time taken by the company to pay for inventories) and cash cycles (time taken by debtors to make payment for the products).

Short-term financial plan is important in making decisions like:

  • The amount of cash that is to be kept available in the bank for payment of bills.
  • The quantity of inventory that is to be kept at hand.
  • The amount of credit that can be extended to customers.
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