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Profit and loss sometimes depend on the time period also. This knowledge about short and long run is important. Here we will mostly read about profit of a competitive firm in a short run. Our short-run profit maximization by a competitive firm homework help tries to assist students in every way we can and help them get a good result out of it. So to know more about everything under short run you can ask our experts.

Short Run Profit Maximization

In economics short run refers to the time period through which different behavior in the economy can be seen. An important principle in the short run concept is that a firm will face both fixed costs and variable. That means wages, prices, and output does not get full freedom for reaching new equilibrium. To know about short run ask our short-run profit maximization by a competitive firm assignment help.

A firm will maximize its profits by supplying an output level where the marginal cost (MC) will be equal to marginal revenue (MR). A firm then will be able to earn more profit simply by increasing the output. Any change in the quantity of output is it higher or lower; this will lead a firm to gain low profits. Short-run profit maximization by a competitive firm homework help makes things clearer through proper guiding.

Maximization of Profit in Short Run in Perfect Competition

The types of profit can be found when the competition is perfect. A firm which is perfectly competitive will produce output where (a) MC=MR=P and (b) MC curve cuts MR from below. Under these, we will have Normal Profit, Super Normal Profit, and Loss in short run.

  • In short run, many firms may make normal profits at the point where total cost equals total revenue. At equilibrium in such cases, a firm gets same costs like market price is equal to average cost curve. At profit maximization output level it is making normal profits.
  • Measurement of profit is done by calculating the difference in AR and AC and competing for rectangle when output is MC=MR=P. This is super normal profit.
  • Firm’s position depends on their position on the curve short run cost. Many firms might experience loss as average cost is more than the market price.

You can get our short-run profit maximization by a competitive firm assignment help to get the detailed explanation with diagrams.

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