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A force is a motion which a pushes or pulls an object in a particular direction. Forces change the shape, size and momentum of the object on which it is applied. Forces are a fundamental part of physics and our everyday life. Every aspiring student needs to know about the basics of forces and its effect in the various spheres of life. The forces are best explained with the help of the three laws of Newton.

What are the three laws of Newton?

Sir Isaac Newton described the forces with the help of inertia and motion. The three laws were as follows:

First Law of Motion

The First Law of Motion states that the state of an object remains unchanged or remains in motion or its state of rest unless an external force acts on it. This results in change in the state of the motion of the object.

Second Law of Motion

The Second Law of Motion of Newton says that the change in the acceleration of the motion of the object is equal to the force applied on it. And the change is in the direction of the force applied.

Third Law of Motion

The Third Law of Motion as per Sir Isaac Newton was that the force applied on a body results in an equal and opposite resultant force. An action always results in an equal and opposite reaction.

What are the different types of forces?

The different types of forces in nature are varied. Some of them are as follows:

  • Centrifugal force
  • Gravitational force
  • Magnetic force
  • Shear Force Diagram Homework Answers

What are Shear Force Diagram Assignment Answers? 

Shear Force Diagram Homework Answers refer to the force exerted on an object at any one point on the object. The point of force is chosen at random but displaces the entire object from its original position or motion.

Explain the process of Shear Force Diagram Assignment Answers. 

Shear Force Diagram Homework Answers is the force implicated on an object such that it acts as a point of contact for the force. The force then travels throughout the body of the object such that it moves the entire object. The internal force which moves the object in the desired direction is known as the Shear Force Diagram Assignment Answers.

Take the example of a ball. When you kick the ball with force, you focus on a particular point of the ball. From this point onwards, the force travels through the entire ball. This force is known as the Shear Force Diagram Homework Answers. Thus, the ball then moved in the direction of the force applied.

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