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Investment is the most important for every individual. Investment helps to expand our amount of money which makes a secured future and comfortable life for us. There are several ways to invest your money and share is one of them. In the field of business, big companies divide their stock and capital into several small and equal parts which are popularly known as companies share.

These shares are spread out in the market for selling purpose. Hence, people can purchase a company’s   share by paying the desired amount of money and company can use that money as a capital of its business and retune back more than that amount from company’s profit. Hence, share can be defined as a unite amount for several investment in the field of business and finance. For more contact our shares homework help unit.

Classifications to distinguish them

Share is classified into several types; here we are trying to give a fair idea about general classifications of the share which are commonly known all over the world. Mainly two kinds of share is there, such as:

  • Equity share

It means all shares where a preferential right does not work out. On the basis of rights equity types are divided into two distinct parts   – one is applicable for voting rights, and other is for dividend rights. Its value is lower than other one and used only for dividend and return purposes hence, it is known as an ordinary share.

  • Preference share

This type carries preferential rights and belong upper position than any other types. Due to this right, a fixed amount is paid for the dividend. In this case, repayment can be made on the next payment cycle if company sometimes fails to pay a dividend amount. These shares have no voting rights and no participation for making profits.

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Other types

  • Redeemable shares

These are offered only those who are holding at list one-tenth nominal value of the total share that are issued.Shareholders are allowed to control the company hence; it provides some level of protection to them for this investment.

  • Founder Shares

On a rare case, this is issued only for the founder of a business organization. This stockholder enjoys lots of special rights which are not applicable for other division.

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