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Sampling Theory is also known as Nyquist – Shannon sampling theorem. This is because; it is named in order to honor both Harry Nyquist and also Claude Shannon. In the field of digital signal processing, the subject of Sampling Theory is very crucial and thus it is very important that a student learns about this subject so that he or she can get the benefits which this subject has to offer. So, to make sure that a student gets the support and help needed to learn this subject we at My Homework help have made the Sampling Theory Assignment Help team which is full of experts in this subject.

What one needs to know about Sampling Theory?
To put it into simple words, basically sampling theory is a type of fundamental bridge. So, it happens to be the bridge of fundamental nature between discrete signals or one can also say digital domain and continuous signal or otherwise define as analog domain. But here it is important to mention that it only applies to that type of mathematical function where the very Fourier transforms are said to be of the value of zero which have to be present outside of any sort of finite region of any a sort of frequencies. And this is where a student might have problem with as seen in case of many. Thus we make sure that our Sampling Theory Homework Help team can provide the necessary help during this case.

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