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Sampling Theory is an Important Part of Sampling and Statistics Β 

Sampling Theory is used in statistics when a sample population is selected, and a study is conducted, and a result is derived by analyzing the data collected.Β  Assume that we would like to know the reaction of people to an economic health policy issued by a government.

As a marketing research agency, we cannot go to every house and collect feedback. During that time we would divide the population based on the economic parameters and then would fix on getting feedback from a particular population.

We would then fix some people that would come under the survey, and the method of fixing the population for sampling is known as the sampling theory.

Why is sampling theory important?

It is difficult for business organizations to include every person under sample survey and a person that falls under the sample study should be relevant. If we are trying to study the characteristics of people who fall into a high-income bracket, we should include people from those strata. The survey will fail if people are from the proposed income group.

Sampling is done by people on an everyday basis. For example, if we go to purchase rice from a shop we may sometimes taste an sample or if we want to purchase a sweet, bakery owner may give a small sample for us to taste and based on the taste we would get into inference whether a product is good or not.

Factors that can decide a sample

When a sampling theory is used for selecting a sample, the cost is an important factor. The reason is that a large sample size spread across a location may cause more travel and will cause headaches.

Time is an important factor, and some studies are conducted within a short period.

A student should have clear grasping of sampling theory else there is nothing wrong in choosing sampling theory homework answers. There are simple random sampling methods and other methods that would determine the proportions, and there is stratified sampling. There is cluster sampling, and there is systematic sampling.

There is capture and recapture sampling, and there is double sampling which a student should know.

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