Safety & Health Procedures and Equipment Homework Answers

Safety & Health Procedures and Equipment Assignment Answers

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In an organization, there are appointed managers who are responsible for the safety and health within the organizations. Having said that, there are problems regarding safety and health that everyone within the firm should be aware of. If you have homework on this topic, your safety & health procedures and equipment homework answers should include all of these problems. From correct way of lifting a box to fire evacuation, all the staff should be aware of the basic procedures.

A necessary evil or an important aspect

As it is, making a profit is hard enough these days. The accountants of companies know that health and safety compliance is a part of the profit and loss accounts in the form of a cost, rather than a saving.

Organizations tend to consider health and safety procedures as somewhat a necessary evil. It costs some money and helps avoiding legal troubles. However, any safety advisor would tell you that these procedures as actually beneficial for the business. They are there for protecting the people associated with the business, including the staff, suppliers, customers or visitors.

Impact of health and safety on business

Ill health and accidents can have a very damaging impact on any business. You need to mention these concerns in your safety & health procedures and equipment assignment answers. Aside from the direct costs and personal injury claims, there can be a severe compromise on productivity.

There are various costs that are less visible, including staff absence, overtime working, production delay, equipment repair, customer dissatisfaction, cost of management time and loss. All these reasons are compelling enough to proactively manage health and safety.

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  • Understand the relegations related to technology, display screen equipment, manual health issues and signposting.
  • Know fire policies and emergency procedures for safe evacuation in such situations
  • Learn how the chance of emergency arising could be minimized through proper prevention and reporting strategies.

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