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Running yield is the annual return that an investment fetches divided by its current market value. Here running signifies continuous investment. In case of a stock, running yield is calculated by dividing income from dividend by market price of the security while for a bond, you need to divide coupon payments by market price. After this, you need to multiply the result with 100 so as to obtain the value in its percentage form. Students often face difficulties while computing values of running yield, mainly because they are not familiar with the basics. To aid them in the learning process, offers assistance through its program Running Yield Assignment Help.

Why is running yield so important to investors?
Investors base their buying and selling decisions based on information obtained about running yield of a security. This helps them to understand and calculate the value that will be accrued to him in course of life of that security. By making comparisons between values offered for different securities, he will be investing on the one that gives him maximum lifetime income yield.

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